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We contacted Mr. Delsack after GM attempted to offer us a trade in for our vehicle that had failed us. As a consumer, we felt trapped by GM and really did not feel like we had many options regarding our Cadillac and more importantly the willingness of GM to work with us to find an appropriate solution. After faxing over our paper work to Mr. Delsack, he phoned me personally to discuss our potential case. Not only did he spend over 15 minutes with me on the phone answering my questions, but he also outlined exactly what we could expect with our lemon case. Feeling empowered by Mr. Delsack's knowledge of these types of situations we decided to retain his services. Within 6 weeks, we had received our settlement, had our remaining loan balance paid off, and we were able to drop off the Cadillac with the dealer with no strings attached! Bottom line, if you are in a situation where you feel like your vehicle might qualify under the California Lemon Law, call Kurt Delsack!

Michael and Tracy Hershey - Folsom, CA

I am a results-based business man and all I can say is that I met Kurt over the phone through a referral and within three weeks he achieved what no other lawyer could do for me as it relates to getting my money back under the Lemon Law. Kurt is responsive, accurate, punctual, and absolutely gets it done with total ethics and results. I would and will recommend my highest-end clients to Kurt knowing that I am doing them the best service possible by pointing them in his direction.

David "Beno" Benveniste - CEO of Velvet Hammer Music and Management, Clients: AFI, Alice In Chains, Battle Lines, Coheed and Cambria, Cypress Hill, Dead Times, Deftones, Hot Water Music, Pepper, Quicksand, Scars On Broadway, System Of A Down, Touché Amoré

  • Mr. Delsack and his coworkers were very professional, communicated efficiently and precisely, and attained a very fair buyback settlement for my lemon. I could not have been more pleased with their help!

    JWP - Pasadena, CA

  • Mr. Kurt Delsack, you are Awesome!!! Thank you so very much. What would I have done without your help? It is such a relief to bring this to a closure, and in such a short time. My appreciation to you and your friendly staff. I will recommend you highly.

    Mahalo - Martha Paresa

  • I retained Kurt Delsack to handle a lemon-law claim involving my vehicle. I am an attorney myself and have certain expectations of how other counsel should handle cases. Kurt exceeded all of my expectations. He was extremely diligent, responsive, smart, assertive and extremely knowledgeable; he was a consummate professional. Kurt was dead-on in his analysis of the case a negotiated an even better result than he originally anticipated. I was very pleased with his representation. I give Kurt my highest recommendation.

    A. Sasha Frid - Beverly Hills, CA

  • My appreciation to you and your staff for all of your efforts on my behalf in this matter. It is such a relief to finally bring this to closure after years frustration with my Saab! I became known at the office as the girl with the "Sob" story and it wasn't unusual for my coworkers to leave the office after a long day and see me sitting in the lobby waiting for a tow truck!

    I am lucky to have been introduced to you and will continue to advise my friends and associates of the professional service I received from your office!

    It has been a pleasure working with you and I will certainly contact you again and recommend others to do so for cases involving consumer law or personal injury! My very best regards and again, my sincere "thank you"!

    SW - Chatsworth California

  • Kurt did a phenomenal job in getting Jaguar to repurchase my lemon....He handled the matter quickly efficiently and with the utmost professionalism.

    Stephen - City: Tarzana

  • I highly recommend the Law offices of Delsack & Assoc. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Kurt Delsack and his staff. I was treated in a courteous manner. Very fast and efficient. I was very impressed with how fast my case resolved. That just show's how well experienced this law firm is. THANK YOU!!

    Susie - Arleta

  • My wife's BMW had problems with the battery ever since the day we bought it. If it wasn't driven every day, the battery would die and we would have to have road service come out and recharge it. The dealer repeatedly told us they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I heard about California Lemon Law from a friend and found Mr. Delsack's website. Within a month after contacting him, he had negotiated a settlement with BMW for more than we expected. We got back every cent we paid for the car as well as repairs, minus his fee which was minimal. We took a month-long vacation to Europe and got my wife a new car with the money we received. This is one instance when the little guy actually beat the big bad corporation and came out on top. Thanks, Kurt!

    Joe & Karina L. - Los Angeles

  • Absolutely astounding! The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates were helpful, friendly and worked at lightning speed to WIN my case. It was practically effortless. Thank you for a job well done!

    Sara - Modesto, California

  • To put our experience with Delsack & Assoc. in just a few words is impossible! We could not have asked for a better Lemon Law Attorney. Thank you Mr. Delsack and Linda!

    Mrs. Bannister - Antioch California

  • We are very happy we found Kurt Delsack firm. We wouldn't have won without your firm. Thank you for all your help & accepting our case that others didn't want to take. Thank you for believing in us.

    Merced - Riverside, CA

  • Outstanding professionalism. Prompt and efficient, hassle-free. Achieved more than I dreamed could happen. I wish I had called them sooner! And who knows, they may have saved my life.

    L.G.- Palisades, CA

  • My sincere thanks to you and your staff for all the hard work and the professional manner in which you handled my BMW Lemon Law case. After months of trying to resolve the case on my own with no results, you stepped in to take charge. Your expertise with the Lemon Law proved to be the key in winning my case. My wife and I were impressed not only with the outcome but also with the expediency in which you settled the case. The amount of the settlement far exceeded our expectations.

    I'm thankful that there are people out there, like yourself, who are willing to help. You and your team are truly experts in the field of Lemon Law and we will happily recommend you to anyone that requires this type of legal assistance. Again, many thanks for your expertise, professionalism and quick resolution.

    Oscar Navarro - California

  • I wanted to thank you for your prompt assistance in helping me resolve the matter. My wife and I felt like we were up against a wall in trying to initially resolve our vehicle problems with Mercedes, who would not accept responsibility or provide a remedy. My wife and I are "AMAZED" by the promptness in which you expeditiously resolved this matter for us. I truly wish we would have contacted you sooner. Thank you very much for facilitating the vehicle buy back and getting us nearly all of our money back! Your assistance, courtesy, professionalism, and level of expertise is truly appreciated. Thank you!

    J.V. - San Jose, CA

  • Fast & efficient. A true advocate for consumer's rights and a true great patriot of America. Give lawyers a good name!!! Thanks!

    S.B.- Pamdale, CA

  • Thank you for taking our case and handling it so professionally. After 2 long years of fighting this alone, we had been told that we couldn't win. Thank you for proving everyone else wrong and for putting an end to our nightmare. We're happy to refer you to anyone who needs your service.

    C.C. - San Diego, CA

  • Amazingly efficient. The Office of Delsack & Associates made the entire experience pain free and turned what was a stressful situation into an easy resolution. There was little paperwork on my end and they were always helpful thorough and up-front. I couldn't have imagined a better outcome!

    R. B. - Cerritos, CA

  • This was a relatively easy and quick process and I am very satisfied with service provided. I would happily refer someone to the firm should I have an opportunity.

    D. A. - Corona, CA

  • Thanks for your continuous help and assertiveness. I will pass on your cards and will refer you to others with similar situations.

    F.A - lodi, CA

  • Kurt was very helpful and knowledgeable. My case was quick and smooth, and easier than I would have imagined. Thanks so much.

    J.F. - Los Angeles, CA

  • Excellent - painless.

    W.M. - Palos Verdes Estates, CA

  • Mr. Delsack was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He is an exceptionally capable attorney and made both the process and outcome very satisfactory.

    S.L. - Encino, CA

  • I would like to thank you for your excellent work on my case. What was once an annoyance, was turned into a great result. Thank you.

    L.N. - Palm Springs, CA

  • Key words: Professional, concerned or effective, gets results. Great communication. Why not include your transfer instructions with offer acceptance to your clients? Please feel free to use my full name if you wish, using only initials has zero credibility. Thanks again for not only getting results, but for your efficient, professional manner by you and your staff.

    D. Gambur - Los Angeles, CA

  • Your representation was of the utmost professionalism. There was no stress at all and communication was great. We will definitely recommend you and your law office. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    R. S. - El Cajon, CA

  • Thank you! Everything went smoother and faster than I had expect. We ended up getting more money back than expect. I was very nervous because I have never used a lawyer before, but Kurt kept his word. I will definitely recommend their service.

    A.C. - Simi Valley, CA

  • Mr. Delsack agreed to accept my case when another lemon law attorney refused; citing new court law precedence. Mr. Delsack persuaded GM to buy back my car. He was right and on top of it.

    M.C. - Santa Monica, CA

  • Rarely when you contract for services, do you actually get what you requested. Even more rarely do you get more than what you expected. I got more than what I expected with your firm; efficient, courteous and timely! Thank you very much!

    T.T. - Newport Beach, CA

  • Completely satisfied with the service rendered. I will refer to your firm anybody that I feel will need your help in similar situations dealing with defective cars.

    S. B. - Tarzana, CA

  • We would just like to say thank you so much, for all you did for us. It's nice to know there is someone out there on our side. Thanks again for the big weight lifted off our shoulders. Your office and staff did an excellent job on satisfying us and in a timely manner too.

    R. N. Riverside, CA

  • Very good, excellent service. I am really impressed and satisfied by your quick efficient service. I will call you for help again if I have any car problem later. I will refer my friends to your office too, for your excellent service.

    J. S. - Marina del Rey, CA

  • Without the professionalism, experience and tenacity of Kurt Delsack, I would have been left with a dangerously malfunctioning car, as well as being out the entire cost of a brand new vehicle. After many unsuccessful months trying to resolve my problems with the car dealer and manufacturer, and having other so called "Lemon Law Specialist" attorneys unable to help, Kurt Delsack took charge and got me a full refund. As far as I'm concerned, Kurt Delsack and the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates are the ONLY true Lemon Law Specialists!

    G. C. - Big Bear Lake, CA

  • I found your office to be extremely professional and you all responded in a timely manner. I spoke to 3 attorneys and after my conversation with Linda; I knew I wanted to use your firm. I will definitely recommend your firm.

    J. S. - Westlake Village, CA

  • Kurt handled my case very well, relieving any stress and loss of sleep I had before, not having a wonderful lawyer. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends in such need. I will also keep Kurt in mind if I ever have such a problem again. Kurt, once again, thank you so much!

    B. C. - Palo Alto, CA

  • After trying to get help initially from Toyota Manufacturer, I felt that I hit a dead end when there was no response. Mr. Delsack & Associates took my problem and helped me understand the Lemon Law procedure from start to the successful outcome. My utmost thanks to you all!

    N. M. - Madera, CA

  • Everyone in the office was so easy to deal with and very on top of details. I felt very confident that I was being taken care of. Thank you!

    C. S. - Los Angeles, CA

  • Dear Kurt, I was so frustrated for so long with the car dealership and their employees. When I called you, you spoke to me like my issue really mattered. Your down to earth nature and friendly professionalism helped set my mind at ease. I (we) won the case, and I couldn't believe how simple you made it seem. I will be recommending you to anyone who need help in a lemon law matter from here on out! Thanks again.

    D.B. - Santa Clarita, CA

  • We thought that retaining an attorney "online" might be risky. To the contrary, this was the most straight forward, simple attorney/client relationship I have ever had. You did everything you said you would do, and we had full price offer to settle from the manufacturer within 30 days of filing the claim. I couldn't have been more pleased.

    G. W. - Corona, CA

  • Mr. Delsack, Thanks for your help. You and your staff made this a very easy and painless procedure. Thanks to people like you, the small guy can win in this big corporate world. Thanks again for your quick and speedy help.

    R.O. Monrovia, CA

  • Your office was efficient and organized. It was very refreshing to work with someone who returned phone calls promptly, paid attention to detail, and was extremely knowledgeable. It also gave us the confidence we needed, especially working with an unknown entity found solely by an online search. Thank you!

    M.W. - Sacramento, CA

  • I was very pleased with the conclusion of my case, extremely pleased on the prompt attention and service that I received. I couldn't have asked for better representation or a quicker response. You all were incredible and I really appreciate all you did to resolve this matter for me. Thanks for everything! I will definitely keep your name in my Rolodex.

    K.A. - West Hills, CA

  • Your law firm handled my case in an extremely professional, timely and personal manner, which dissipated my stress level surrounding my issue. I would whole heartedly recommend Mr. Kurt Delsack and his firm to handle any case brought forth. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you again!

    N.L. - San Fransico, CA

  • Mr. Delsack and Associates, all I can say that you're the most incredible, professional people I have ever worked with. You did your job of representing me in a "Lemon Law" lawsuit with such professionalism and tenacity. I always felt I was being looked after completely. Thank you so much for the successful conclusion in the lawsuit, I couldn't possibly be more pleased. A special thank you to Linda, she is just terrific!!!!!!

    Sincerely, J.B. - Palm Springs, CA

  • I found Mr. Delsack on the website, gave him my situation and he did the rest. This has been the easiest and most professional experience I could have hoped for. The office kept me informed of progress at all times. Thank you for going to bat for me and all your help.

    KC - Redding, CA

  • We are amazed how fast and productive our case was taken care of. We experienced the best service with Delsack & Associates, P.C. than with anybody else. Thank you and we very appreciate for your services.

    YU & IL

  • I was thrilled with the ease in which you handled my case. The dealer could not give me a second to discuss my major problems. I am so glad I found your law office to handle the headache for me. I love that all was handled via fax! Mr. Delsack, Thank you!!

    MM - Riverside, CA

  • Why we say - We're the best! ... please read this letter from Iraq!

    Mr. Delsack: I remember that you guys had sent me letter asking for feedback. Unfortunately, I deployed before I sent it back and now I cannot find it.

    I owned the 2002 Acura CL-S, which as a result of your services, was successfully repurchased. I want to thank you guys for taking care of this problem of mine. Every aspect of your service was superb and exceeded my expectations. You and your firm took care of the problem in a very timely manner and always kept me up to date. I liked the fact that you were up front and honest about the fees and what I would expect to recover. As a result, the outcome was precisely what you informed me it would be. Your firm operates smoothly and with the highest professionalism. I have no suggestions of how it could be any better. Easy as getting out of bed! Painles.

    LP - San Bernadino, CA

  • Your office was efficient, persistent and knowledgeable, as you dealt with my case. Thank you.

    JS - Campbell, CA

  • Thank you very much for your diligence in handling my case. Your staff was very polite and prompt.

    TH - Compton, CA

  • Thank you very much for your help, Mr. Delsack! I found the whole process to be performed very professionally, on timely basis. I think my case was very hard, and you made it happen! Thanks again.

    RL - San Francisco, CA

  • From the moment we retained Mr. Delsack, our experience was worry-free. His expertise in dealing with GMC was crucial to our successful buyback. We now have an '08 Tahoe which is free from electrical problems. Because of Mr. Delsack, GM repurchased our '07 Tahoe virtually hassle-free. We highly recommend the Law Offices of Delsack & Assoc.

    K.W.- Camarillo, CA

  • I have used your service twice and both times have been good outcomes. Thank you for helping me with my vehicle problems in a fast and timely manner. And in the near future if I have any problems, I will contact you, or if I know of anyone having problems, I will referral them to your office. Thank you.

    RT - Turlock, CA

  • Great Job! I am completely satisfied! Thank you very much for all of your hard work. The outcome was as good as I could have possibly expected.

    DL - Santa Monica, CA

  • My case went exactly as Kurt Delsack said it would. I got my check 60 days after we filed! Kurt, Thanks for the great job you did!

    WC - Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Kurt, your professionalism as an attorney is as welcome as the success you had with my case. I was also able to successfully negotiate the entire refund at my extended service contract from the dealer! Many thanks for pointing me in that direction! Thanks again Kurt. I'll continue to refer clients your way as opportunity permits.

    MB - San Marcos, CA

  • From the moment I called your offices, I was consistently met with courtesy, efficiency, and promptness. The timely manner in which you handled my case is refreshing to me! Every phone call, fax, and question I had was answered quickly. I truly appreciate everything! Thank you!

    SR - Westlake Village, CA

  • Within 20 minutes of answering the questionnaire online, Linda called for further information. The next day Delsack & Associates, P.C. filed a claim. Six weeks later, I'm driving a new car. Thanks Kurt, Linda & staff!

    NK - San Francisco

  • I was EXTREMELY satisfied with Kurt Delsack and highly recommend his services to anyone with a lemon vehicle. I was very impressed with how fast the process was from the day I called Kurt, to the day I received my refund from the car manufacturer. Kurt was personally in contact with me every step of the way and made me feel like my case was of utmost importance.

    LT - Camarillo

  • Mr. Delsack & team, I have engaged numerous attorneys on business and real estate matters over the years, and found my engagement with you to be the most fruitful and efficient of all. I will be pleased to serve as a reference. You are truly professional.

    JH - Hillsborough

  • Great Job! Professional! Easy! Fast! YES - Will definitely recommend you!

    LB - Torrance

  • The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. was instrumental in remedying and resolving the problems I had with my car. Mr. Delsack was courteous, sincere, and most of all dedicated to helping me in the resolution of beneficial settlement. Thank you once again Mr. Delsack.

    LS - Redondo Beach

  • Everything was great. Thank you for helping me get out of that great burden. I appreciate it more than you could imagine. I will pass on the good word. Thank you!

    NS - Fullerton

  • I would like to thank you for an outstanding job you've done. I would recommend your office to everybody as well as use your help if it is needed. Thanks and best regards.

    MP & VK - San Francisco

  • Linda & Kurt Delsack were such a help and encouragement! The claim was taken care of quickly and efficiently! Thank you so much for the time, effort and help!

    J G-L - Camarillo

  • We are very, very happy and satisfied for the service we have received from your office regarding BMW claim. Thank you very much.

    S & S H - Beverly Hills

  • Your office is very efficient, as the result was fast. Thank you very much.

    MJ A - North Hollywood

  • Thank you!!! Everything went smoothly and promptly!

    EM - Riverside

  • When I informed BMW that they were in violation of California lemon laws and I wanted my money for my car back - they refused any kind of service. After having your office represent me, you got all of my problems solved. You are very easy to talk to, you explained everything, and best thing of all, you return phone calls. Thank you very much for your wonderful service. I would probably refer your offices to anyone with the same problems I had.

    Once again Kurt, thank you very much for your help.

    M.W. - Pismo Beach, CA

  • Thank you for your assistance. As for the service, I did not even pay for the phone call. I used the 800 number. This means excellent in every way possible!

    Thanks again. - H. E.

  • Dear Mr. Delsack, I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your support in handling my case. I genuinely appreciate all your hard work and thoroughness. Although, we were miles apart and never met in person, I felt very comfortable leaving my matter in your hands. Your constant communication and updates made me feel confident that you were taking my case seriously, and most importantly, that you and your staff cared. I thank you again for all you have done and appreciate all your hard work very much.

    Thank you. E.dL. - Stockton, CA

  • I had originally contacted another lemon law lawyer (no reason) but felt my case was going nowhere and that they lacked experience. Having Kurt Delsack represent me was the wisest decision I made with my case. Once the necessary paperwork was given to him, my case was settled in a matter of weeks. He provided me insight to how my case was going during the settlement - very professional. If I ever need another lemon law lawyer, fingers crossed I don't, I would without hesitation contact Kurt Delsack. I have recommended his services to those around me should they need it. He brought about a just outcome to what had been a very tiring and emotional ordeal.

    J.L. - San Diego, CA

  • Thanks for a great job. You made it very easy on my part. Everything was done by fax or mail, and you returned all phone calls promptly. By the way, your staff is very friendly.


  • I want to thank you for the professional way my case was handled. If anyone I know needs a lawyer for this type of case, your company is the one I would recommend.

    Thank you. - R.L.

  • I am very satisfied with the service I received. This matter was handled in a professional and prompt manner. I am happy with the results.

    Thank you. - S.O.

  • Very easy procedure when led by a law firm that has experience in the process. I would highly recommend your service to anyone with a similar problem. Just sit back and let it happen.

    Thank you. W.S. - Weed, CA

  • Completely satisfied.

    M. J. - Buena Park, CA

  • I would recommend you to a friend. Very professional and efficient.

    Thank you. - C.BC.

  • The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates were quite expedient and clear. They made the whole process simple and easy. If I had to do it all over again, and hopefully I won't, since so far I love my new DMB325i, then I would call Delsack & Associates.

    Much thanks, - S.B.

  • Kurt, the experience that I had with this case was wonderful. Very professional, very self explanatory, and was fast and easy. Thank you very much for all your help. I'll tell my friends about the service and the customer service.

    Thank you again. B. G. - Daly City, CA

  • We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our case. We were hesitant to get an attorney involved - thought it would only drag on, but was assured it would be resolved in 3-4 weeks...and it was. We'll be sure to refer any friends or relatives to your firm if they have a similar situation.

    Thanks again, - S.S.

  • It was my pleasure working with you on our case vs. Nissan. As the official correspondence and any other results, were done properly and in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this law office to anyone who needs a lawyer as his/her representative.

    Thank you very much indeed. - S.S.

  • Mr. Delsack and his staff were so helpful and very professional. Mr. Delsack returned all my calls promptly and kept me informed at all times. He made a highly stressful situation turn into one that I could sit back and have him take control!

    Thank you for your wonderful service! C.C. - La Verne, CA

  • Thank you so much for assisting us and helping us resolve a very difficult problem. Each time we spoke with someone from your office it was on a very professional level - we were always kept current as to what was going on. We appreciate your excellent way of handling our case. We'll be happy to recommend your services to others.


  • I was very pleased with the service you provided. Your corporation is very professional. After a few weeks, I received most of my money and now I have a new car.


  • I was very pleased with the law office, the staff, etc. They were always very courteous, returned my calls promptly and always assured me everything was going smoothly. I would definitely refer this law office.

    Thank you so much! - N.T.

  • Kurt, It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. All questions were answered promptly and fully. I would recommend you in the future. If all attorneys conducted themselves as professional as you, we would all be better off. Good luck in the future.

    Thanks, C.M. - Anaheim, CA

  • I just want to say that this law firm is awesome. Everything that was done for me, for my case was great. Kurt and Linda, you guys are some pretty cool people. Thank you for winning this case for me and helping get rid of my lemon.

    Y.C. - Hollister, CA

  • Thank you for your personal service and a fantastic resolution to this matter.

    Sincerely, S.MS.

  • Excellent job! You have a life time referral in me.

    Regards, B .S. - Palm Springs, CA

  • Everyone we dealt with was superb. Your website clearly explained what was necessary. Initial contact was friendly & thorough. Your constant effort to keep me apprised made it seem as though I happened to be your only client. Importantly, you saw this through to a rapid completely satisfactory conclusion in hardly any time at all. I'm a busy person who hires professionals to get things done. You and your firm are clearly in the "best of the best" class. I'll certainly refer you to anyone with a similar issue.

    Regards, R.S. - San Diego, CA

  • Kurt, A sincere thank you for a job well done. Your firm's service was outstanding and the process was quick, painless, and just as you described. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I won't hesitate to refer clients to you.

    P.K - Campbell, CA

  • I chose Kurt Delsack to represent me because I felt that he was a no-nonsense type of professional, who was looking out for my best interest and would handle my affairs as if they were his own. I was right! What a tremendous relief. His staff was always very friendly and helpful as well. What a super experience. Thank you Kurt and staff!

    A.F. - Middletown, CA

  • I received your check today, closing the case that we had against General Motors. With your assistance, we were able to dispose of our nightmare vehicle, in a relatively painless and very satisfactory manner. Working with you and your firm over the last few months has been a pleasure. I know that GM was somewhat hesitant to move on this vehicle. Your negotiations results in a very good outcome for us. Thank you very much for your hard work and perseverance. We appreciate it very much. I hope that we never have to go through this again; but if we do, I now know the law and my rights and who to turn to. Please feel free to use me as a reference, should any prospective clients wish to talk with me.

    Thanks again. T.C. - LA, CA

  • Delsack & Associates, I would highly recommend to anyone that's having problems with resolving concerns with automobile manufacturers. I was surprised that my case was resolved in a timely fashion. Your law firm did an outstanding job.

    Thank you, J.G. - Ventura, CA

  • Very pleased and amazed. It was only 1 month from when we submitted to you our paperwork, till check in hand. Thank you so much.

    A.H. - Fremont , CA

  • Thanks very much for the great service Kurt! The process was quick & painless and I very much appreciate the professionalism of everyone in your office.

    Thanks again we're really pleased!

    B. & M. N. - El Cajon, CA

  • Dear Mr. Delsack, Thank you for assisting me in the settlement of my vehicle. You were quite supportive, professional and successful with my case. I am pleased to say I am now driving a new wagon that meets the needs of my family. It is a comfortable car, safe and reliable. Should I ever know of a friend or relative that should be unfortunate enough to have a "lemon car", I will confidently give them your name.

    Sincerely, B.H. - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Dear Mr. Delsack, I just want to thank you once again for the work you have done for me. You were there for me all the way. I will definitely keep your number handy in case of any other car issues I might encounter in the future. As far as references, I will mention your name to whoever is in need of a great lawyer.

    Thanks again Kurt, M.S. - Huntington Beach

  • Kurt, thank you very much for your help with the Manufacturer. We greatly appreciated your professionalism, responsiveness and concise communication.

    Thank You, D.S. - Folsom, CA

  • My car was a lemon and I didn't know what to do. I had never dealt with a lawyer before and was nervous to say the least. All I knew was that I needed someone who not only had experience in lemon law, but who wouldn't charge me for my services unless my case was won. I searched the web for lemon lawyers and Delsack and Associates. Mr. Delsack was not only knowledgeable about my consumer rights under the existing lemon laws, on which he educated me thoroughly, but he even knew the intricacies of the particular automobile vendor I was dealing with. Mr. Delsack prepared me for exactly what I was to expect and kept me informed at each step of the process. I never felt anything but confident that my case would be handled well.

    Mr. Delsack and his friendly, helpful team handled my "lemon law" case with care, ease, and complete satisfaction. I will not hesitate to use any of their services again, or to recommend them to others!

    J.M. - Belmont, CA

  • Thank you for everything, life is so much easier now that we have no headache to worry about. You guys are really great - Thanks a lot!

    J.G. - Gardena, CA

  • I would like to thank your offices for handling my case so professionally & efficiently. I never would have imagined this matter would have been settled within 2 months time as it did. I would definitely recommend your offices to anyone with a lemon law matter. Thanks you again!

    D.R. - Los Angeles, CA

  • Dear Mr. Delsack, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in resolving our nightmarish ordeal with the manufacturer.

    Respectfully, D.R. - Taranza, CA

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