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GM Expands Recall For Ignition Switch Defect

Friday, February 28th, 2014

General Motors is expanding a recent recall of certain 2003-2007 model year vehicles to correct a condition with the ignition switch that may allow the key to unintentionally move or switch to the “accessory” or “off” position, turning off the engine and most of the electrical components on the vehicle. (more…)

Instrument Panel Failure In 2014 Silverado And Sierra Trucks

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

General Motors is petitioning the NHTSA to not recall certain 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra trucks for a technical hiccup that could result in the instrument panel display being temporarily interrupted.

According to a non-compliance report sent to the NHTSA last October, under certain rare circumstances, when an owner uses the steering wheel controls to browse songs from an external device plugged into one of the vehicle’s USB ports, the instrument cluster could reset. When the instrument cluster resets, the analog gauges and identifications, the shift position indicator, and the cruise control could briefly turn off. In addition, some of the instrument cluster warning lights may also illuminate briefly without a condition being present. (more…)

Ignition Switch Defect Affects Airbag Safety In GM Cars

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

General Motors have announced that a defect relating to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalt and 2007 Pontiac G5 cars and will be asking owners to take their vehicles in for repairs. The problem could result in increased risk of injury due to airbags not deploying during an accident. (more…)

2012 Chevy Sonic Popping Strut Noise

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

When a Gilroy, CA resident came to us with her 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, she already had five repair attempts on the vehicle and the defect was still not fixed! (more…)

GM Removes Controversial Purchasing Terms From Supplier Contracts

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Controversial supplier contract purchasing terms adopted by General Motors last year, will be changed by the automobile manufacturer after suppliers say that the terms expose them to greater warranty liability. Although the new terms and conditions applied to only new purchase contracts, supplier executives and attorneys said they were uncomfortable with elements of the new contract. The new terms and conditions extended the automaker’s rights giving GM more authority to recover warranty and safety recall costs, to acquire suppliers’ intellectual property rights, and to access their financial information. (more…)

2008 GMC Acadia Buyback For Steering & Transmission Problems

Monday, February 10th, 2014

A man from Simi Valley California contacted us about his 2008 GMC Acadia. It had over 50,000 miles on the vehicle but his recurrent problems had started at just over 5,000 miles. He kept having problems with the steering column and transmission. After 10 repairs he decided it was time to call the Law Offices of Delsack & Assoc. He was a previous client of Mr. Delsack’s so he knew the drill. He emailed us copies of his purchase agreement, repair orders, registration, and title (he owned the vehicle). Mr. Delsack reviewed the paper work and called him as he thought his vehicle qualified under the California Lemon Law and agreed to represent him again. (more…)

Repeated Check Engine Light On 2014 Silverado Or Sierra Truck?

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Owners of certain 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra trucks equipped with 4.3L or 5.3L engines, may experience an illuminated “check engine warning light” when the vehicle is idling in cold temperatures. GM has reported that approximately 300,000 full size pickups are at risk of fire because of the problem and are asking owners to not leave their trucks unattended while idling, until repairs can be made. (more…)

Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Fuel Pump Failure

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

General Motors has identified a defect in certain 2012-2013 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra chassis cab vehicles equipped with 6.6L diesel engines and dual fuel tanks. The safety defect was found as a result of an investigation into increased warranty claims of the fuel transfer pump. (more…)

2008 Chevrolet Silverado California Lemon Law Buyback

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

(Note: Names have been omitted and some information may have been changed to protect client privacy.)

In August 2008 a client of ours purchased a new Chevrolet Silverado. The vehicle ran relatively well except for a few minor problems with the doors and drive-shaft. In April 2010 he started hearing a clunking noise which he described to be coming from the transmission. Over the next few years and after several repair attempts, our client decided to contact the Law Offices of Delsack & Assoc., P.C.. (more…)

2014 Chevrolet Malibu Electrical Problem

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

General Motor’s have identified an electrical installation error in certain 2013 Chevy Malibu sedans equipped with an eight way power front seat and passenger seat options. The wiring harness in these vehicles may have been installed poorly and could chafe against the seat frame, eventually wearing through the wires insulation. A short in the electrical system could result in unintended movement of the seat, sparking, intermittent lighting, melted wiring, smoke or a fire. (more…)