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News about General Motors automobile manufacturer. News about General Motors recalls, technical service bulletins (TSB), and problems regarding General Motors vehicles.

General Motors Seat Problem

General Motors will be asking owners of certain Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles to return to their dealership to repair a problem that could leave the front seat occupant unprotected during an accident.

Some vehicles may have been manufactured with an incomplete weld on the seat hook bracket assembly for both front seats. If the assembly is exposed to a high load condition, the hook could separate from the seat track, increasing the risk of injury to occupants. Continue reading

2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Lemon Law Buyback

When the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. were contacted by the owner of a 2009 GMC Sierra 1500, he already had four (4) unsuccessful repair attempts and his truck had been out of service in a manufacturer approved repair facility for over 51 days. He had complained many times to the GMC dealer about the problems he was having, which included defective engine and/or other manufacturing non-conformities. These problems resulted in: Continue reading

2010 GMC Yukon – CA Lemon Law Buyback

The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. were contacted by a California resident seeking advice about problems she was having with her 2010 GMC Yukon. She purchased the vehicle new in October 2012 and started having problems almost immediately. After many months of unsuccessful repair attempts, she was confident she had a lemon and was looking for someone to represent her in her demand to have the Yukon repurchased. Continue reading

Chevrolet Silverado Inaudible Warning Indicator

The owners of certain 2014-2015 Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUV’s equipped with base radio and an internal amplifier, could experience problems that will leave drivers with no audible warning indicators. This “No Chime Condition” will require that the vehicle be returned to the nearest dealership to have the radio software updated. The defect could leave drivers with no audible warning if the key is left in the ignition, the driver’s door is opened, or if the front passenger seat belt is not buckled. (Radio and chime functions are not restored until the battery is disconnected and reconnected.) Continue reading

2009 Chevrolet HHR Repeated Repair Attempts

The owner of a 2009 Chevrolet HHR contacted the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. after experiencing repeated problems with her vehicle. She purchased the wagon new in September 2010 and drove it for only a month when it started loosing power under normal operating conditions. Persistent problems resulted in the vehicle being returned to a GMC dealer, seven (7) more times for issues that include:

  • Continued Loss Of Power
  • Defective Steering Assist
  • Defective Suspension
  • Defective Electric Brake Control Module
  • Electronic Stabilizer Control Light Remains On
  • Defective Throttle Body Assembly

Continue reading

Ignition Switch Problems For Buick, Cadillac, And Chevy Cars

General Motors continues to expand their recall for ignition switches that could unexpectedly shut of when the ignition key is bumped or when driving on rough road conditions. The problem has resulted in unexpected loss of engine power and can affect power steering, power braking, and airbag deployment. Until the problem can be fixed, drives are asked to remove all items from their key ring leaving only the vehicle key. Continue reading

2011 Buick Lacrosse CX California Lemon Law Buyback

After several unsuccessful attempts of trying to get her 2011 Buick Lacrosse CX fixed, a California resident contacted the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. to see if she qualified for protection under the California Lemon Law.

The sedan was purchased in June 2012 and by August 9, 2012, it had been taken in for the first time to have problems fixed. She subsequently provided GMC at least six (6) more repair opportunities involving several substantial defects. Continue reading

Could Push Button Ignition Become Standard On Automobiles?

GM’s ignition switch problems have raised the question of whether push button ignition systems may be safer to use in automobiles than the standard keyed ignition. Key-less ignition systems have been used in luxury cars since the 1990′s, and most of today’s automobile manufacturers offer them as an option in approximately 72% of their vehicles sold today. Continue reading

2012 Chevy Sonic Transmission Malfunction

GM has identified a problem in some 2012 Chevrolet Sonic cars equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission and a 1.8L four cylinder engine. The vehicles in question, may have a condition in which the transmission turbine shaft could fracture due to a production non-conformance. Continue reading