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News about General Motors automobile manufacturer. News about General Motors recalls, technical service bulletins (TSB), and problems regarding General Motors vehicles.

Ignition Switch Problems For Buick, Cadillac, And Chevy Cars

General Motors continues to expand their recall for ignition switches that could unexpectedly shut of when the ignition key is bumped or when driving on rough road conditions. The problem has resulted in unexpected loss of engine power and can affect power steering, power braking, and airbag deployment. Until the problem can be fixed, drives are asked to remove all items from their key ring leaving only the vehicle key. Continue reading

2011 Buick Lacrosse CX California Lemon Law Buyback

After several unsuccessful attempts of trying to get her 2011 Buick Lacrosse CX fixed, a California resident contacted the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. to see if she qualified for protection under the California Lemon Law.

The sedan was purchased in June 2012 and by August 9, 2012, it had been taken in for the first time to have problems fixed. She subsequently provided GMC at least six (6) more repair opportunities involving several substantial defects. Continue reading

Could Push Button Ignition Become Standard On Automobiles?

GM’s ignition switch problems have raised the question of whether push button ignition systems may be safer to use in automobiles than the standard keyed ignition. Key-less ignition systems have been used in luxury cars since the 1990′s, and most of today’s automobile manufacturers offer them as an option in approximately 72% of their vehicles sold today. Continue reading

2012 Chevy Sonic Transmission Malfunction

GM has identified a problem in some 2012 Chevrolet Sonic cars equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission and a 1.8L four cylinder engine. The vehicles in question, may have a condition in which the transmission turbine shaft could fracture due to a production non-conformance. Continue reading

2014 Chevrolet Cruze Lemon Buyback

A recall involving certain 2013-2014 Chevy Cruze cars has consumers questioning whether they could be driving a lemon. General Motors initially issued the recall in September 2013 and have recently expanded their campaign to include approximately 171,000 more vehicles. Due to the increased quantity in cars affected, the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates have received calls from concerned Cruze owners who say that their automobiles are unsafe to drive and have been sitting in a repair shop for 30-45 days with no ETA when parts will be available. Continue reading

GM SUVs Affected By Seatbelt Safety Problem

General Motors has identified a defect relating to motor vehicle safety in certain 2009-2014 crossover SUV’s. In the affected vehicles, the flexible steel cable connecting the safety belt to the vehicle at the outside of the front outboard seating positions can fatigue and separate as a result of occupant movement in and out of the seat. A fatigued or separated cable will increase the risk of injury to occupants during an accident. Continue reading

2014 Cadillac CTS Wipers Not Working?

A safety defect on certain 2014 Cadillac CTS sedans will have owners retuning their vehicles to a manufacturer approved repair facility to have them fixed. The problem was first noticed at the beginning of this year, after GM received warranty claims from customers who said they experienced reduced driver visibility due to an inoperative windshield wiper system. Continue reading

2015 Cadillac Escalade Partial Airbag Deployment

Certain 2015 Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV automobile’s may not meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for occupant crash protection. The vehicles involved were manufactured between April 06, 2014 to May 13, 2014. GM’s recall number is 14220 and the NHTSA campaign number is 14V-259. Continue reading

2014 Buick Lacrosse and Chevy Malibu Reduced Braking

General Motors will be conducting a safety campaign for certain 2014 Buick Lacrosse and 2014 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles equipped with 17 inch front brake assemblies. According to reports, these vehicles may have been manufactured with front brake rotors that are too thin. Initial brake performance will will not be affected by the problem, however, higher heat generated in the rear pads will significantly shorten the brake pad life. Continue reading

GM Faces Fines For Ignition Switch Safety Problems

A record fine of $35 million U.S. will be paid out by GM after a government investigation into how GM handled the recall of 2.59 million vehicles over faulty ignition switches. GM’s agreement with regulators also includes significant changes into how the automobile manufacturer reviews safety problems and decides when to issue a recall.

  • G.M. will be required to meet monthly with regulators and provide a list of every safety problem under consideration, as well as report on any new communications with their dealers.
  • The company must also improve information sharing across its different units, make recall decisions more quickly and revise its analysis practices to improve the ability to identify safety issues.

Continue reading